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This manual helps provide principles and practices for pipeline purging and describes equipment encountered in the natural gas industry. The information provided is based on sound engineering principles and good operating practices. The intent is to provide the operator with guide material to help safely and successfully plan and implement a purging operation. The operator should use this information with caution and recognize that the information may not be adequate for all conditions encountered.

The material included provides guidelines for maintaining safe atmospheres inside pipes, holders, and other facilities that are to be purged into service or taken out of service. Good operating practice as well as federal and state laws require that precautions be taken to minimize or control mixtures of combustible gas in the air during purging, welding and cutting operations.

New information presented includes information for purging pipelines developed by the Gas Research Institute (GRI), now known as the Gas Technology Institute (GTI). In addition, there have been significant improvements made in instruments that measure combustible gas mixtures.

This publication is not an operating code, but is instead guide material consisting of background information and descriptions of various methods and procedures found by experienced operators to be effective in minimizing or controlling combustible mixtures. Applicable federal, state and local regulations must be observed. The methods and procedures described within cannot be considered to have universal application because of various job conditions. The operator is cautioned that the material presented may not be adequate under all conditions encountered.

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