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How to Get Zero Accidents
This is an excellent book by an experienced author. You can design your zero accident program by learning tips from this guide. It is very essential resource for those who are facing issues in controlling accidents at workplace.
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Essentials of HSE
This is a great book on Essentials of Health & Safety. It consist of Basics study to Advanced topics. If you like to refer a book to newbie in HSE, It is great option. 
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Female Safety Presentation
This presentation is detailed with safety of female at various workplace situations. Female Safety is an essential thing of an organization to ensure overall Safety.
You can use this presentation to teach your employees about essentials of Women Safety.
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Handling and storing materials involve diverse operations such as hoisting tons of steel with a crane; driving a truck loaded with concrete blocks; carrying bags or materials manually; and stacking palletized bricks or other materials such as drums, barrels, kegs, and lumber.

The efficient handling and storing of materials are vital to industry. In addition to raw materials, these operations provide a continuous flow of parts and assemblies through the workplace and ensure that materials are available when needed. Unfortunately, the improper handling and storing of materials often result in costly injuries.
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Performing Effective Pre Startup Safety
Pre Startup Safety Review is a fundamental element of Successful Process Safety Management. Process Safety Professional are continually challenged to implement these Pre Startup Safety Setups. Learn How you can implement excellent system of Pre Startup Safety in your organization. 
This book is also very useful for students and New Career Aspirants. 
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How to Manage Process Safety Risks during Organisational Change
MOC and other Changes require understanding of hazards developed due to this change. Since change is a permanent thing, every Process safety Professional should be ready to provide immediate mitigating measures. 
Read this guide to understand Various Case studies and Chapters to learn about MOC. This Book is very useful for Process Safety Professionals for Managing changes. 
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Guideline for Integrating Process Safety
 Integrating Process Safety covers following topics-

1. Securing support and Preparing Implementation.
2. Assessment of existing Management System.
3. Develop a Plan
4. Integrating a Framework
5.Testing Implementation Approach
6. Continuous Approach
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Hazard Evaluation GuideBook
This is an excellent guide on Hazard Evaluation Techniques. You can use it as a reference guide for your Workplace Inspections. It is evident that most of the Catastrophic disaster had happened in past due to negligence or unawareness towards Hazard.

Hazard evaluation is most important aspect of Workplace Safety. Inclusion of Hazard identification recommendations in Engineering controls, Training & Process Development leads to sustainable and Safe Workplace.

safety hazards shall be identified at workplace with a documented Process and responsible for mitigation measures to nominated. This guide will Provide your advance techniques for identifying safety hazards. While Performing Safety Hazard Identification, Workplace inspection is a necessary requirement but Theoretical knowledge is also important part of this Process. 

New Professionals can easily identify safety hazards using techniques mentioned in the attached file. Preparing a Tracker based on
safety hazards identification is a very good Practice.

Job hazard analysis form could be use to identify the Safety Hazards and documenting evidences in that.If you are not aware with job hazard analysis form, It is a specific form which contains information about specific Job Type hazard analysis in a simple tabular form. You can include checkpoints in Your Job hazard analysis form. 

Process Hazard Analysis require through understanding of Process elements.

How to develop Job Hazard Analysis form for Process Hazard Analysis for Identifying Safety Hazards ? 

To develop a Job hazard analysis form specific for Process , You need to be known about Process and its elements. Include sub-elements in the Job Hazard Analysis form with each Process and create checkpoints for its Safety Hazards. Once you have different Types of Processes, checkpoints, it is time for workplace Inspection !

You can use this guide for developing a Good Job Hazard Analysis form for Process as well as for other industrial activities for identifying Safety hazards. 
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What is Engineering Design for Process Safety ? {GuideBook}
Learn How to consider Design Part to Prevent Major Catastrophic Accidents in Process. This is an excellent source for Process Safety Specialist as well as for Design Safety Professionals to Learn briefly about Engineering Design Case Studies.

No matter up to How much extent Hazard Prevention  have been done in Process but Design Failure is very difficult to Prevent. It require extensive investment as well as time. It is a better idea to consider Sustainable Designing for Process Equipment. 

What you will Learn-

  • Understanding Hazards
  • Risk base Design
  • Unintentional Unsteady Sate Issue
  • Basic Physical Properties and Other Data
  • Analysis Techniques
  • Safe Guard Studies
  • Inherent Safety Design
  • Basic Process Control System
  • Instrumental Safety System
  • Material Construction
  • Corrosion
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Human Factor

and Many More things You can learn.
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Design Solution for Process Equipment
This is a book which is collection of experience of Process experts, companies and contractors about how to stop catastrophic accidents by Design Safety.
Hope it will enhance your Safety.
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Guide for Chemical Transport and Secuirty
This is an excellent guide on Chemical Transport and its Security.
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Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis
The Guidelines for Chemical Process Quantitative Risk Analysis (hereafter referred to as CPQM Guidelines) builds on the Guidelines Hazard Evaluation  Procedures to show the engineer how to make quantitative risk estimates for the hazards identified by the techniques given in that volume.
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Guide on Fuel and Combustion Safety
This guide covers following Topics-

  • What You Don't Know Can Kill You
  • Knowledge Gaps in Operating Fuel Systems and Combustion Equipment
  • Managing Fuel Systems and Combustion Equipment Risks
  • The Creation of Fuel Systems and Combustion Equipment Codes and Standards
  • How Codes and Standards Are Structured
  • Applying Codes and Standards
  • Fuel System Codes and Standards
  • Combustion Equipment Codes and Standards
  • Other Widely Recognized Code- and Standards-Related Organizations
  • Other Standards Developers and Related Industry Organizations
  • Safety Instrumented Systems and Safety Integrity Levels
  • The World of Insurance and Combustion Equipment
  • Personal Criminal Liability
  • Combustion Basics
  • Combustion Defined Fuels
  • Fuel Properties Heat/Ignition Oxygen/Air /
  • Combustion Chemistry 
  • Applying Combustion Chemistry to Burner Systems
  • Burner Fuel/Air Ratio Operating Conditions
  • Environmental Emission Issues
  • Basic Burner Design Issues 
  • Air flow Burners 
  • Conducting a Gas Piping Survey
  • Considerations for Limiting Access to Service Entrances
  • Gas Supplies From Digesters and Landfills
  • Digester Gas Supplies 
  • Land fill Gas Supplies
  • Incoming Propane Service Considerations
  • Gas Piping Repairs and Cleaning Key Steps to Safe Gas Piping Repairs
and many more..
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Dowload NEBOSH Idip A to Z Guides Books and Papers
Download NEBOSH Idip all Guides , Series and Books with sample Papers here.
I know Nebosh Idip is not easy to crack but it is not a very difficult task if you know about the Topics very well. Study these Topics day by day and practice these sample paper thoroughly.

I know it is having very long units but believe me, if you follow my method , you will crack it like a peanut.

✔ First of All Just search over internet about benefit of achieving NEBOSH Idip qualification. I mean search on LinkedIn what are the Job Profiles of people who are having NEBOSH Idip and what positions they attained after qualifying this course. I know You can easily search it in there Profile Page and work history. Look into there positions, salary range and Company. Choose a Best Dream Profile that you want to be.
It seems awkward but it is reality. Why you want to do NEBOSH Idip ? because you need a better kick in your career, a better position, a better company and a better salary off course. 
Now, Pick Top Profiles and keep a print of there Face, Profile, Job or Salary whatever attract you more to do it.
Put this stuff near to your study table or somewhere where it can always encourage you. Believe me, motivation is big chapter in Idip and You need it.
Do not think about your age, your problems or any other constraint which is preventing you to do this.

Just think , If he can do , I can do and I will be in a better position tomorrow.

✔ Select an Institute. 90% people choose Big and established institutes for doing NEBOSH Idip. I can suggest you that choose a New starter or not a big name and look what they want to sale you ? if there course and approach is motivating, choose it. Small players(Institution) always try to produce better result to gain more clients in future to conduct a bigger NEBOSH Idip course.Big players have less time as they have more clients. I may be wrong in some cases but final thing is to look for motivating trainer (because you will not go to school to qualify NEBOSH, You have to study on own, only motivation matters at this stage.) 

✔ Now it is time to start your study. I recommend to study in a new way. Yes a new way. Well when we were child, we can mug anything because we can imagine things and relate them , building neurons. Similarly, now you need MIND MAPS to create notes.

✔ Revise and Revise

✔ MOST IMPORTANT - Before enrolling into the course, Download below material and try to practice . When you are confident, just take it. Why do you spend money , if you are not confident ?

All the Best and I would like to see your comments to share experience.

pdf A1 Principles of health and safety management.pdf     

pdf A2 Loss causation and incident investigation.pdf     

pdf A3 Identifying hazards, assessing and evaluating risk.pdf     

pdf A4 Risk control and emergency planning.pdf     

pdf A5 Organisational factors.pdf     

pdf A6 Human factors.pdf   
pdf A7.1 Governmental & Socio-Legal regulatory models.pdf   
pdf A7.1 Governmental & Socio-Legal regulatory models.pdf     

pdf A7.2 International organisations in a global health & safety setting.pdf     

pdf A7.3 Non-governmental bodies and self regulation.pdf     

pdf A8 Measuring health and safety performance.pdf     

pdf B1 General aspects of occupational health and hygiene.pdf     

pdf B2 Principles of toxicology and epidemiology.pdf     

pdf B3 Hazardous substances - evaluating risk.pdf     

pdf B4 Hazardous substances -preventive and protective measures.pdf     

pdf B5 Hazardous substances -monitoring and maintenance of control measures.pdf 

 pdf B9 Psycho-social agents.pdf    

 pdf B10 Ergonomic factors.pdf     

pdf C1 General workplace issues.pdf     

pdf C2 Principles of fire and explosion.pdf    

pdf C3 Workplace fire risk assessment.pdf 
pdf C4 The storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances.pdf    

pdf C5 Work equipment.pdf 
pdf C6 Machinery safety.pdf     

pdf C8 Electrical safety.pdf     

pdf C9 Safety in construction and demolition.pdf     

pdf C10 Environmental pollution and waste management.pdf     

pdf Examiner-reports_July-2008-Unit-A-Downloadable-Version.pdf     

pdf Examiner-reports_July-2008-Unit-B-Downloadable-Version.pdf     

pdf Examiner-reports_July-2008-Unit-C-Downloadble-Version.pdf   
pdf sample_diploma_unit_a_examination_paper.pdf     

pdf Examiner-reports_July-2008-Unit-C-Downloadble-Version.pdf     

pdf sample_diploma_unit_a_examination_paper.pdf    

 pdf sample_diploma_unit_b_examination_paper.pdf     
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Download hot work permit templates [Editable]
These are Hot work permit templates in which you can add your company or additional information. Hot work is a major hazardous work which require hot work permit to secure work area with information management. these templates for Hot work Permit can be very useful for individual to any one who is seeking hot work permit management.

Work Permit Definition
Work Permit definition can be understand by a simple sentence that it is the permission matrix which contains certain steps to be followed before starting a hazardous work. It is vital that those work, which required governance by a permit are not normal work and required certain steps to be taken before starting the work. Not only precautionary steps to be taken before the work but also after the completion of the work to secure work area from certain domino effect of post work hazards.
Work Permit definition contains Permit management and using an effect hot work permit template.

During the initial time of industrialization, employees exposed to new and old hazards repeatedly. To overcome this, certain matrix was required to overcome repeated hazards and new hazards to be added into the system. Work Permit is a tool which provide help to employees to make a check of repeated hazards and also assess new hazardous situations.

Work Permit also defines as a communication tool between different groups of people working on the same task.
It is well known that for a Project, different resources and energy are required. Like electrical energy, mechanical or any other. similarly different people use to work on same project with different tasks. To overcome simultaneous work hazard or energy contradiction, work permit is a best tool to communicate to all the parties. 

A good hot work permit, confined space work permit or any other permit template can be very effective to overcome many hazards.

hot work permit template.png 

Defining Work Permit
Defining Work permit should be as clear as maximum possible. Because clarity in a work permit procedure brings the real fruit of safe work. When you define a work permit in a better way, your half work completed.
Sometime, confusion in work permit leads to major disasters. Management of Work Permit is must before putting it into the real ground.
Check out all the hazards, new or old and compile them in the permit and in the procedure. There are many hidden hazards which do not evolve before starting the work. A work permit having space for new evolving hazards is a best work permit to safeguard the work. Always conduct a risk assessment at the work and include repetitive hazards in the permit as a permanent checkbox.
A procedure could also be setup to define deliverance of the work permit by different parties. The procedure shall be clear about all the steps to be taken for initiation of the work permit and its closer after completion of the work.
The procedure shall be communicated to all the parties which are involved in the Work Permit management task by means of training and other communications.

Hot Work Permit Form 
Hot work permit Form can be printed like a book which should contain 3-4 copies as a carbon sheet. Which can be handed over to each parties after signing the permit. Each copy can be of different color to identify it easily. A hot work permit form can be kept at the workplace at prominent place to display. During the shift change, a copy should be handed over to the next buddy of the shift by hand.Do not place hot work permit form on your table or some place and leave. It is the responsibility that one should hand over the permit form to another reviler by hand and communicate all the hazards and activities personally. It can be also done by limiting permit time to a shift and put a renewal of same permit for next shift. It will not only ensure proper attention of the next shift crew on the permit but also help them to again communicate with the other parties which are on the workplace. 
It is like re assessing the workplace for in the next shift before starting the work.Sometime, employee avoid renewal of work permit to avoid time consumption in the same activity but be aware that any change in the work or work.

hot working permit template2.png 

Hot Work Permit Template

You can download below many hot work permit templates and use them as you wish. You can modify these hot work permit templates , add your company name and just use them straight. You can do addition of any required activity as per your workplace requirement or delete existing one form these hot work permit template easily.

Hope these hot work permit templates will be useful in your work.

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