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The EHS Guidelines contain the performance levels and measures that are generally considered to be achievable in new facilities by existing technology at reasonable costs. Application of the EHS Guidelines to existing facilities may involve the establishment of site-specific targets, with an appropriate timetable for achieving them.
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EHS Lab manual (ORA laboratory manual)
This section provides information relating to the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) of the laboratory and serves as a general overview. It also serves as a reference for the EHS programs developed in the laboratory.

The laboratory's EHS documents and standard operating procedures will provide more detailed step-by-step instruction.
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Fire Prevention Quiz
I found this Quiz very much important, after performing fire drills its recommended to take this quiz to check the level on basics and understanding of fire safety. 
Kindly download this quiz and try by your own.

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Fire Safety manual
The manual sets out the general procedures and precautions to be followed and outlines the use and
care of fire fighting equipment. Precautions to be taken in respect of certain specific circumstances
are also included.
It is important that fire safety systems are tested and procedures monitored on a routine basis. The
back of the manual contains standard forms for recording the execution of fire drills, inspections
and equipment tests.
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Personal Protective Equipment Quiz with key
Guys i would recommend to take this Quiz in safety meetings and start doing discussion over the points which are wrongly answered. By doing this activity on regular basis you would aware people on safety culture in work place.

All the best 
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OSHA Training Quiz with solution
Hello folks,

Distribute this quiz after successful completion of OSHA training to check their knowledge. This quiz is available to download along with solution so checking is easy. Click on the link to download the attached zip file.

All the best 
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OSHA 30 Quiz with key
Dear guys 

Try out this OSHA 30 quiz within your organisation to check basic understanding on subject. Comment below if you find any difficulty in solving this quiz.

All the best
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NEBOSH 2017 Learning resource

This NEBOSH study resource is highly respected and is used worldwide by training providers and educational organisations to deliver high-quality learning programmes that meet the syllabus requirements of the relevant awarding bodies.





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OHS GEN Certification_NEBOSH

The NEBOSH IGC will benefit companies adopting international standards seeking to implement quality health and safety management across all areas of their operation – Ensuring that sound understanding of the principles of managing risk is embedded in the organisation, building an effective safety culture. Safety and health professional is an asset to their organisation – preventing accidents and unnecessary expenses.

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Guide to the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety 2011

The international general certificate in OHS is suitable for safety managers and supervisors who are responsible for safety culture. Following are the key topics covered in the attached document


  •     International standard for health and safety at work.
  •     Implementation of health and safety management systems.
  •     Identification of workplace hazards.
  •     Methods of risk control.
  •     Practical application of knowledge and understanding.
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Frequently Asked Questions on NEBOSH International General Certificate

Dear All,

Worldwide over 30,000 people take a NEBOSH qualification every year. NEBOSH qualifications are globally recognised and taken by people working in all types of industries, as well as national and local government organisations. This document answers all those questions which are frequently asked for acquiring NEBOSH certificate.  


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Quick reference card for O&G operational safety

This quick reference card is for People from all around the world who work in Oil & Gas or in other related industries, Oil and Gas is a hazardous industry. Managers, supervisors, offshore and onshore workers need specialist skills and know-how to fulfil their health and safety responsibilities and for that NEBOSH make workforce enable to tackle with these problems.


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NEBOSH updated syllabus

Dear folks,

Attached syllabus is suitable for anyone who needs to understand the principles of health and safety as part of their job, including team leaders and supervisors, HR professionals, facilities managers and those training young people in a working environment. There is a huge benefit in Up skilling your workforce in risk assessment can help reduce the number of accidents in the workplace, improving staff morale, and resulting in costs saving for the business.

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Most important questions for NEBOSH 2017

Dear all,

Attached questions are very much important for the upcoming exam of NEBOSH, I would suggest to all those people out there who are preparing for this exam make sure to touch these types of questions because there is a high chance, you could find any question in exam out of these which I am sharing.

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Revision and Examination guide for NEBOSH

Dear NEBOSH aspirants this is a comprehensive study guide for NEBOSH examination. The skills which are demonstrated here very much important if you are preparing for NEBOSH, it’s a recommended study and drives you over poor performance. How to use course material and plan a study? It’s clearly described here.

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