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Electrical Safety
Thanks Boss.
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Electrical Safety
Dear Professionals,

I need electrical safety special deep notes.

Need your help
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OSHA 1926 Construction Industry Guidelines
Dear Colleagues,
Should we use fullbody harness in cage ladder while climbing to tower crane cabin
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Orientation checklist

Below is a sample orientation checklist. Be sure to customize it for your workplace.


Areas to be Covered







Company Safety Rules

Explain safety rules that are specific to your company.



Company Policies

Explain the health, safety and wellness policies of your company.



Previous Training

Ask the employee if she/he has taken any safety training.




Provide any necessary safety, environmental, compliance or policy/procedural training.



Health and Safety

Inform the health and safety specialist that a new employee has joined the company who will need safety training. Arrange for this training and education to occur.



Potential hazards

Tour the work areas and facility and discuss associated work area hazards and safe work practices.



Emergency Procedures

Show and explain how to use emergency eyewashes and showers, first aid kits, fire blankets, fire extinguishers, fire exits and fire alarm pull boxes, as applicable. Demonstrate the evacuation procedures.



Toxic Products

Identify workspaces where hazardous materials are used, stored or disposed. Provide training as necessary.



Food and Beverages

Explain that food and beverages are only permitted to be stored in refrigerators clearly labelled "FOOD ONLY".



Emergency Notification Form

Have employee complete the Emergency Notification form. Keep a copy for your files and send a copy to your Emergency Coordinator.




Provide education about WHMIS. Identify the location of the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs). Review the MSDSs for all hazardous materials to be used by the employee. Explain hazardous material labelling requirements. Conduct job specific training.



Emergency Evacuation

Review the company's Emergency Evacuation Plan and explain the evacuation signals and procedures, point out proper exit routes and the designated assembly area for your Branch.



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Review the PPE program if the employee will be required to wear protective equipment. Issue appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) that must be worn as required by the work being performed.



In Case of Injury or Illness

Review the reporting procedures in the event of an injury and/or accident.



Health and Safety Committee

Supply a copy of the facility telephone list with names of the Health and Safety Committee members highlighted. Identify the location of the safety bulletin board. Explain how the employee can participate in the health and safety process (e.g., report hazards)



General Rights and Responsibilities

Explain worker rights and responsibilities as granted by legislation. (See the section of our OSH Answers on Legislation for more details.)



Emergency Contact

Provide a list of names, addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers of the persons who must be contacted in case of emergency.




Maintain a record of the orientation.



Employee Name:


Supervisor's Signature:


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Saudi Aramco Scaffold Handbook
Dear Colleagues,

Please find in attached Saudi Aramco Scaffolding Manual for your information.
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Dear Colleagues,

FInd in attached NEBOSH IGC- Book -1
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Nebosh International Diploma exam notes
Please find in attached the requirement
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Heat stress
Heat stress tips
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JSA for running test for pump (Mechanical)
Dear Colleagues

The attached is Mechanical JSA for running pump test

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Snake bite firstaid
Dear Colleagues,

The attached is snake bite firstaid and other precausions SnakebitePoster2012small.jpg 
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Zika Virus
Dear Colleagues, 

Find in attached zika virus information
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Nebosh International Diploma
Guide to the NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. It is well known that NEBOSH Idip is a very prestigious examination. If you  are planning to appear in the exam, this guide will help you to prepare for all the units. You can also look NEBOSH IGC top 100 Questions and answers Important tip and NEBOSH Idip Question and answers download.

 nebosh international diploma guide.pdf

There has been also additional resource in this forum like-

1. NEBOSH Idip sample question papers, guide and revision notes
2. NEBOSH International Diploma Idip Unit A,B and C
3. NEBOSH Idip full course material
4. NEBOSH Idip Revision Cards
5. Nebosh idip sample question paper

Below attached guide contain following topics

1 2. Structure and rationale of the qualification
3 2.1 Background
3 2.2 Standard of the qualification
3 2.3 Structure of the qualification
4 2.4 Core Skills
5 2.5 Programmes of study
5 3. Assessment and criteria for qualification
6 3.1 Entry requirements
6 3.2 Assessment system for the NEBOSH International Diploma
9 3.3 Examinations (Units IA, IB & IC)
9 3.4 Assignment (Unit ID)
9 3.5 General regulations for the NEBOSH International Diploma qualification
9 3.6 Assessment results
10 3.7 Examinations arrangements
12 3.8 Requests for reasonable adjustments
12 3.9 Requests for special consideration
13 3.10 Enquiries about results and appeals
13 3.11 Malpractice
13 4. Syllabus for the NEBOSH International Diploma 
18 4.1.1 Core Skills Part 1: Communication skills
19 4.1.2 Core Skills Part 2: Training skills
21 4.2 Unit IA: International management of health and safety
22 4.2.1 Element IA1: Principles of health and safety management
23 4.2.2 Element IA2: Loss causation and incident investigation
26 4.2.3 Element IA3: Identifying hazards, assessing and evaluating risks
28 4.2.4 Element IA4: Risk control and emergency planning
30 4.2.5 Element IA5: Organisational factors
33 4.2.6 Element IA6: Human factors
37 4.2.7 Element IA7: Regulating health and safety
39 4.2.8 Element IA8: Measuring health and safety performance
41 4.3 Unit IB: International control of hazardous agents in the workplace
43 4.3.1 Element IB1: General aspects of occupational health and hygiene
44 4.3.2 Element IB2: Principles of toxicology and epidemiology
46 4.3.3 Element IB3: Hazardous substances – evaluating risk
49 4.3.4 Element IB4: Hazardous substances – preventive and protective measures
51 4.3.5 Element IB5: Hazardous substances – monitoring and maintenance of control measures
53 4.3.6 Element IB6: Biological agents
55 4.3.7 Element IB7: Physical agents 1 – noise and vibration
57 4.3.8 Element IB8: Physical agents 2 – radiation and thermal environment
59 4.3.9 Element IB9: Psycho-social agents
62 4.3.10 Element IB10: Ergonomic factors
64 4.4 Unit IC: International workplace and work equipment safety
65 July 2008 ii 4.4.1 Element IC1: General workplace issues
66 4.4.2 Element IC2: Principles of fire and explosion
69 4.4.3 Element IC3: Workplace fire risk assessment
71 4.4.4 Element IC4: Storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances
73 4.4.5 Element IC5: Work equipment
75 4.4.6 Element IC6: Machinery safety
78 4.4.7 Element IC7: Mechanical handling
80 4.4.8 Element IC8: Electrical safety
82 4.4.9 Element IC9: Safety in construction and demolition
85 4.4.10 Element IC10: Environmental pollution and waste management
87 5. Unit ID: International application of health and safety theory and practice
89 5.1 Assignment Brief
89 5.2 Detailed candidate guidance for Unit ID
90 5.3 Assignment mark scheme
93 6. Sample examination papers
101 6.1 Unit IA sample paper: International management of health and safety
101 6.2 Unit IB sample paper: International control of hazardous agents in the workplace
105 6.3 Unit IC sample paper: International workplace and work equipment safety
109 7. Appendices
112 Appendix 1: Role description of occupational health and safety practitioners
112 Appendix 2: The National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH)
113 Appendix 3: The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
114 Appendix 4: Relationship of the International Diploma to the International General Certificate

 nebosh international diploma guide.pdf

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Harness checklist Format
Dear Colleagues,

This ready made harness checklist you can use at the work place to conduct an inspection of the harnesses.
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Chin strap manadatory
Work at height requirement regarding PPE, chin strap shall be mandatory for any hamlet use during work at height
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