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NEBOSH International Diploma Unit IB study materials
Above file is a package file and can be readable with Adobe acrobat or similar which you can download from above mentioned link.
If you having difficulty in Opening  this study package, Just Download them separately from below.

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Disclaimer for Job Applications
Hi, This is an informal announcement. If you are Applying for the Job posted here in this forum, please understand that- * Jobs are being posted by the members; We do not take any responsibility for the authentication of the Job/recruiter or any other details that have been furnished in the Posting. * It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify the listing prior to applying for the Job for its authenticity. * Usually No recruiter ask for money for recruitment. Never pay for a recruitment Process. If you get in touch with such incident, please do not apply. We encourage Forum Members to report such listing using the contact us form or reply to this thread.
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Give Idea to Improve EhS Engineers get a Prize *closing 31-Aug-2015*
Hi There,

We are working on the suggestions to incorporate in the forum.
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Give Idea to Improve EhS Engineers get a Prize *closing 31-Aug-2015*
Hi There,

Last month We had organized an open talk to improve EhS Engineer. 

here is the link-

We got many suggestions to improve the forum and We will workout on the possible modifications that are require in order to make it a best place for HSE Professional.

So here are the Members Who have been upgraded as a Contest Winner to access the downloads unlimited for 1 year. -

D K Chitkara




Please post in reply to congratulate the winners.

Congratulations again and Keep Sharing ! 

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Give Idea to Improve EhS Engineers get a Prize *closing 31-Aug-2015*

It's your turn Now[comp].

If you have any idea,suggestion or stunning plan to improve EhS Engineers that we can start here on the forum, you are welcome to share this. Your idea should be unique and mind blowing. We will try to put it right here.

We will choose the Top 5 Winners and award them 1 Year Premium Membership.
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Download Today's free eBooks

Just enter your email address and we will send you an email contain the link to download today's free stuff and a newsletter

click below to start

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Safety analysis software

here is your answer- http://www.ehsengineer.com/?forum=308504

or just subscribe as a premium member- http://www.ehsengineer.com/?action=paid_access
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Oman - Urgent opening for the postion of HSE Officer with a Leading Company. (Please fill the mandatory details)

Superior Job opportunity with our renowned client . Details are given below:-


A. Our Client Information:- Leading Company
B. Designation:- HSE Officer

C. Job location:- Oman

D. Experience:- 5+ Years


If interested, Kindly send me your updated resume with below details mentioned (Mandatory):-


1. Total Experience :-

2. Relevant Experience in HSE:-

3. Relevant Experience in EPC Projects / Maintenance Projects / Shutdown Projects:-

4. Current Monthly CTC :-
5. Minimum Expected :-
6. Notice Period :-

7. Reporting Person in Current Company (Designation of the person) :-

8. Contact Details ( Share at least 2 number) :-

9. Current Location:-

10. Expire Date of Passport:-


Also, feel free to share the same mail with your friend or colleagues, if the opening suits with their candidature.


Should you require any assistance or information, please call undersigned.


Thank you

With Best Regards,



Operation Department (Recruitment)


Firestone Global | Superior Talent Search Network

A Group Co. of Intelligence Service Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Email: avni@firestoneglobal.com


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Answered - How to create a Good Post or Reply
[comp] Getting Activation of  downloads at EhS Engineers is an easy task. Just You have to create 1 new post and become a Contributing member to download anything for current month.As long as you will be active at forum on monthly basis, your downloads will be active.Once you stop sharing, your membership will be downgraded to basic member.

You can also become a Premium member by donating to the community and Your downloads will be activated instantly with unlimited access.

[idea] Why I have to  create New post  or donate to download ?

[thumb] The Answer is super simple. We promote exchange of knowledge with forum members actively and We want this forum sustainable and Active. If we do not have this rule of  "contribute to the forum sustainability" , there will be no new knowledge share by the members with respect to the time , interest of members in Old Content will decline and blah blah blah (You can think yourself [sleep])

[biggrin] Donation help us to create new contents, hosting file sharing, promoting forum to grow this community and blah blah blah (You can again  think yourself  about hosting GBs of file on server) and also to those Who do not have topic, idea,contents (students or a new comer [confused]).

It is like asking a person to gain experience without allowing him/her to work  in  the Industry [eek]!!

Here is simple illustration --

Without The Rule ---

[cool] Erick Create the file
[mad] John  need to  download that file >>>>>>>>>> [rofl] John Get the file >>>>>>[wave] John is saying bye bye to forum.

[frown] Erick waiting to gather new knowledge.  [sneaky] John have nothing new to download.

With The Rule

[cool] Erick Create the file

[mad] John  need to  download that file >>>>> [comp] John donated post to forum >>>> [wave] John is saying bye bye to forum.

[thumb] Erick get New contents from John

[smile][smile]  Erick and John both are happy by sharing knowledge.

Recently Many members asked these Questions-

1. How to create a Good Post in order to get approved instantly at ehsengineers forum ?
2. How to post a Question at forum to get it approved ?
3. How to Answer a Question at ehsengineers?
4. From Where I will get the content  about the post ?

[nono]Remember :  Do not Copy Content Directly from other websites, It will be not Approved by the moderators .However You can Copy the content /Idea from another website and Type it in Your own words.

What is a Good Post ?

A good Post.JPG 
not a good post.JPG


How to Ask a Question on ehsengineers ?

A sample Question.JPG   

ehsengineers creating post.JPG

EhS Engineers asking question wrong way JPG.JPG

ehsengineers question correct.JPG


What About Answers ?

Good Answer.JPG


How to create a Post with attachment  ?

create good post open pdf file.JPG

Create good post copy content.JPG   

Good Post create HTML.JPG

Create html paste conent .JPG   

good post1.JPG

Create a good post1.JPG     

   Good Post.JPG

See You in the next Good posts.
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Post Submitted but download not active
Hi RC,

Have a little Patience.

We use to verify each and every post that is created by the members in terms of quality and quantity of content. Since We use to get  many posts in an hour  , it use to take some time to approve the post in a Que fashion.

<Tip>If post is created with more than 100 words and content is unique with good quality, it will be approved instantly. You can copy and paste abstract content in a smart way of document which you are attaching  so that users can understand purpose of the attached document.

Open you document(pdf,word,ppt etc..) which you want to attach>>>Copy its preface or that paragraph which is clearly explaining the document >>> Click on html that is last option of post creation tool>> paste content >> click on update

You can see automatic content is being added to the post !

We also use to verify contents and some time add l contents if post attachment qualify the quality criteria but lacking of the content. Sometime We have to fight with spammers and it is certain we disapprove spamming , incorrect posts.

If you want express material from website , you can donate to EhS Engineers and can get one click access .

Else hold tight and wait for few hours, if you had made a good post it will be approved surely !

<Tip> If post is rich in Content and Quality , we can approve it internally but it may appear in next few days(Too many post in a day) . In that case please refer your User Group after posting contents in few hours.


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