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TNO - Risk management and risk assessment books



For those who want work (or currently work) to risk management and risk assessment, please find below a link to four books which are very important. These books were published by TNO (Institute of Environmental Sciences, Energy Research and Process Innovation) and can be found on their website completely free.


Link for download: https://www.tno.nl/en/focus-areas/urbanisation/environment-sustainability/public-safety/the-coloured-books-yellow-green-purple-red/


Best regards

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Bretherick’s Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards


Handbooks and guidebooks are usually very good sources for those who want improve or learn more about a specific subject. So this Bretherick’s Handbook of Reactive Chemical Hazards can inform, help and aware about reactive chemical and its hazards.

Best regards.
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Risk assessment manage


Here there is one of a collection of four books about risk assessment, this book show information about calculation of fire scenarios and explosions, how to calculate and determine the affected area. If you work in company, which storage inflammable products or you just want, know more about fire scenarios and explosion, this book is much recommended.

Best regards
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Job Safety(Hazard) Analysis Template excel [with example of anchoring, editable]
Here is a Job Hazard Analysis Template with example of anchoring. You can use this template for Your own Job Safety Analysis at the workplace.
This is an editable excel format, You can modify this template to perform any Job Safety Analysis.

What is a Job Safety Analysis and Why to use the template ?

Before Performing a Job, If hazards are identified properly then accidents can be avoided at the workplace. It is well known that if There is proper analysis and planning of the tasks before performing,Loss can be prevented. Performing a Job Analysis is an easy task.

How to conduct Job Safety Analysis using the template ?

To conduct a Job Safety Analysis using the template, You have to first breakup the Job into different tasks. Once Tasks have been fragmented, You could use these tasks to fill in the analysis sheet.
Now you have to pick each individual task and find out as much as possible hazards associated with it. Once uncontrolled hazards identified, next step is to find out Risk Rating associated with a hazard.

Likelihood, Severity and Risk Rating in a Job Safety (hazard) Analysis Template

It is the chances of the hazard that can be repeated in a particular time frame like frequently, bi-yearly, Once in a year or more. You can divide occurrence of the particular hazard.

What could be the outcome of the incident if hazard turned it as positive.That is called severity in the Job Hazard analysis template. An incident could be fatal,Loss Time or Days away from the work.

Risk Rating
Outcome of likelihood rating and severity rating is termed as risk rating. You can define Likelihood and Severity on a scale of 1 to 5 and calculate the Risk Rating.

Control Measures
Once you define the Risk and its rating, You could identify the possible control measure in the Hazard analysis template.

Risk Rating After Control (Applying) Measure
Once You identify the control measure, apply it (this is most important part of a Job Hazard Analysis template) and observe the changes in the Risk Rating after application.Mention these change in the template and repeat the process until you reach acceptable level of the risk.

Attached is the template for Job Hazard analysis.
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This documents attached is the NIOSH POCKET GUIDE TO CHEMICAL HAZARDS, it is important for those who works, handle and purchased chemical products.

Moreover, it is very important for emergencies as well as knowledge about chemical substances and them effects in human body.

 What is in this Guide ?

  • Analytical Methods for Chemical Hazards
  • Personal Protection and Sanitation
  • Symbols and codes for the Chemical Hazards
  • Codes for First Aid
  • Occupational Carcinogens
  • OSHA listed chemicals
  • OSHA respirator requirement for Chemical Hazards
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When did regulations become more important than safety?


There are a huge regulations and guidelines about Health Safety and Environment (HSE), some of guidelines are international and very helpful, but sometimes, they are not according to country’s regulations, occasionally, the guidelines are better than regulations. So, why we should follow the regulations instead the guidelines?

                In my country, often the regulations are not complete when they are compared to international guideline, but we still need follow them. Thus if your country does not have this problem, this text might not interesting you even though you liked the title.

                When I began study about HSE area, the first thing I had learned was the most important thing is the work force’s health, and to reach that goal, we must use own intelligent, experience and patience but our allies will be the regulation. However, I had begun to work and face that it is not a complete true, our true work, it about helps company produce without injury or kill its work force.

                Additionally I had found out the guidelines and how it can turn my work a little more easy. Consequently, I realized that we who work in HSE area, must need follow the regulations until it became poor or weak (because this is the law) but never limited only this, we must also use the guidelines as a support, to help us to reach the big goal (helps company produce without injury or kill its work force).

                Therefore, I have attached this text one of the guidelines which still helps me in my work, I really hope this helps you as well as helped me.

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Commons effects in humans body

According to some safety literatures (include NIOSH), there are 5 (five) kinds of collateral effects when a chemical substance hit ours body. They are:

  1. Asphyxia;
  2. Frostbite;
  3. Dizziness;
  4. Nausea;
  5. Burn.

So, attached you can find some picture, which shows these effects.

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Medical Guide Pocket



You can find attached the Medical Guide Pocket, this book has information about the most common chemical substances, which are used in the industrial facilities.

I hope this help you.
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Identification for mixture chemical ?
albertsu88 wrote: Pure chemical has its MSDS but mixture is not. What kind of guide can be used to identify it? 

It is not so simple, but there is a solution. We can use a device, which able to measure a Lower Explode Limit (LEL), this equipment usually can measure three chemical gas, and they are: CO2, H2S and Oxygen, but it also shows LEL (in percent). As a result, it is mostly used for Confined Space, though, we can use it for other kind of work that there is a possibility to have one type (or more) of gas.

For example, if you are working and suddenly this device begins to alarm, it is means that the atmosphere which you are working, has reached to LEL level. In other words, it is mean that there is a large risk of explosion. Then, you must stop the work and follow the company’s procedure for this situation.


I really hope that it has helped you.

Best regards


Definition: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/lower-explosive-limit-LEL.html

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Medical Pocket Guide


This guide book is recommended for health professionals or who work handling to chemical products within Explosive ordnance disposal. Although this book is a little specific, there are some substance which be found in others parts of industry for example Xylidine, Nitrogen, Propylene Oxide and others.

I really hope that book helps you as well as helped me, its database is CDC (Center for Diseases Control and Prevention).


Kind regars.

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NIOSH and OSHA timeline



Attached this post, there are a timeline about NIOSH and OSHA for those people who would like to know a little more about both agencies. These information you can also find in agencies site. Although these information is a little bit easy to find, I think this important for everyone.


Best regards 

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Available Job safety analysis
For who want download a JSA model, please find one attached this messenger

Best regardxlsx JSA - Anchor ops_Ingles.xlsx     

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Job Safety Analysis


As I said, attached  there is an example of JSA.

Best regard

xlsx JSA - Anchor ops_Ingles.xlsx    
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Job Safety Analysis

Dear Matt,


Thank you for you excellent explication, I have one kind of JSA and I would like to left here for download. May I do this?


Best regard
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